Sugar Sugar by Laura

What is Sugaring

Your sugaring service will be done with a 100% all natural sugar paste made of sugar, lemon and water. Due to the technique of the application and removal of the sugar paste, the hair follicle is removed from the root giving you longer lasting, smooth skin for weeks. Trusted, ancient egyptian practice is a safer alternative to hair removal without applying razors, lazers or anything else invasive on your skin. Sugaring is a very clean practice where all services are done wearing gloves, using disposable materials, and the sugar is always discarded at the end of the treatment. The best way to understand the amazing results of sugaring is to try it! Come try your first sugaring experience at Sugar Sugar by Laura and receive 15% off.


-Sugar paste only adheres to dead skin cells and hair, NOT live skin cells.
-Sugar paste is removed in the natural direction of the hair growth, which removes the root and hair follicle thoroughly without any breakage.
-Sugar paste cannot burn skin as it is used at body temperature.
-Sugar paste is made of all-natural ingredients.


-Wax products contain resins which adhere to live skin cells, which can remove the top layer of skin.
-Wax strips are removed against the natural direction of hair growth, which can lead to breakage of hair and cause painful ingrown hairs.
-Wax products must be heated to adhere properly, which may cause burning of the skin.